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I love to travel, see new places and meet new people. I love to create bold colourful paintings, many of them based on my wonderful travels.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Let the Painting Begin

Today's Work - Friday the 12th.
I am really seeing my little painting coming together. Up really early this morning, I blocked in lots more colour and layers. Was a little annoying working with such a smaller canvas then my usual and blocking in so many layers of paint was getting so boring..lol. I also applied a nice sandy colour to the beach now.
Now I will begin adding some lights and darks, then some modeling work and outlines. Hoping to be finished today. Stay tuned...

Just did a thin outline with a 0 brush and some paynes grey. Need to add the stripes on my beach towel and some scrubbing of lights and dark. Just about done.

Darkened the water and the sky a bit more and added stripes to my towel and a little more lights all over.

Yesterday's Work
Up bright and early this morning with fresh eyes, I whited out the parts I no longer required, and then I used some left over white and pathlo blue to cover a coat over the water and then

I drew in the components I now wanted in the painting. Off to add some colour. I am very happy with the composition now.

Hi again...Moving along and laid out colour scheme and pretty much blocked in all the colour for most of the components. Looking a little muddy right because of my lines underneath, but a few more coats will do the trick. Back to the easel.


kim said...

I love option 1 Lisa!!!!!

kim said...

ooooh I'm confused!!! I really think all of your options are wonderful....I really think options 1 & 2 are my favourites because the cats are the more subtle focal point further down the beach...whereas the foreground umbrella centre is not allowing my eye to be led into the painting...anyway I know you will come up with the best option Lisa!!
happy painting
ps I think I just missed you!!!
11.41pm jan 11 here

Lisa said...

Hi Kim...Thanks so much for dropping by. Really appreciate yor feed back. I see what you mean about being led down the beach...Cripey...I have already started blocking in colour and stuff...and I have the umbrella in middle but quite titled to the right so there is a nice path. I put the cats next to the cabana..I am stubborn..LOL...but I can always maybe move them up...I know my Andy likes the cats in the front..lazing on by the shade..He said he doesnt want cats next to his beach chair..LOL..so I will play with that bit more. I really appreciate your feed back. we will see when its finished and if you like it - the new version, I can print you a copy and mail it to you...:) Big hugs to you...I was out for lunch before and missed your posts...