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Friday, January 5, 2007

More work on my Venice Painting

Just about done!
Well I am pretty much finished the painting. And you know, I just realized after that I forgot the handrail on the steps and the little balcony on the second building. I wasn't sure if I should even put them in, but after a sketch with the wacom tablet I decided yes.

I am quite tired now and it is almost 7 pm here, so I will make those little additions tomorrow. Have a great TGIF!
The Wacom Tablet Additions of handrail and balcony:

This Afternoon's Work:
Changed the colour of the sky to a more light blue, added some light outlining to entire composition. Worked on my two cats. Just about done...Stay tune for the final post!
Sorry for the poor pic, its getting dark here and I had to put my studio light on. Painting is more vivid in real life.

This Morning's Work:
Added some light greens now with a few contrasting darks to the doors now and finished off roof tops. A thin was of Pathlo green to the water. Need to work on the sky now..far too dark at the moment. And the finishing touches...back to the easel. Hoping to Finish Today!

Punched up my colours on the buildings, steps and sidewalk, as well as some added colour to my gondola poles and gondola.

Yesterday Afternoon's Work

Basically did all the colours for the facades of the buildings and outlined window panes and roof tops in some burnt umber. Will begin adding my lights to the green doors and window shudders and panes. Need to fix the top windows on the middle building too as they are not lining up straight. Then some modeling work a little bit everywhere with some more outlines. Almost done and seeing it finally come together now. I am at the favourite stage of painting now.
Sorry the pic is a bit dark - I needed to take a pic with a light overhead as it is quite grey in Copenhagen this afternoon. Back to my Easel!

Yesterday Morning's Work

I found some time to finally paint. Did more work on my Venice Painting: blocking in another coat for the windows and more paint on the building facades. Need to add more colour to the left building and some modeling throughout. I am pretty much finished the stair case. The little cats will be done last :). Back to the easel.

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