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Thursday, January 11, 2007

4 Eyes are better than 2

I decided to post my new idea as a WIP on A&A and I got some great feedback. It's funny how some keen eyes help you see something that you did not before.

So based on some observations from my friend Sue and Linda at A&A and my close mate Sue here in Copenhagen and my mama and sister, I have revised my sketch. I did a few little scenarios in Adobe with my wacom tablet and here are the new possibitlies for my painting.

Option 1: The cats moved up as well under an umbrella. But I feel the front is so empty in the foreground now ??? I think I prefer the cats down in the foreground by the red cabana.

Option 2: Same as #1 but some umbrellas removed as Sue from CPH suggested. I am not sure about this now. I think removing only in the middle is sufficient.
Option 3: Cats moved down, and one umbrella removed. - I like this one.

This is the one that stands out the most for me. I think I will be going with this idea. I will re-centre the sun a little too and curve the fences at both ends to enhance the curved horizon. And the consensus was that my friends like this one the best too.

If any of my readers have fresh new ideas please do let me know.

So Back to the easel I go. Thanks for viewing my Studio Blog.

1 comment:

kim said...

hi Lisa
you have been busy....I absolutely adore this.....so fresh....brilliant colours...the cats are perfect where they are as your eye is led in and around and rest very comfortably on the cats....I love this last comp....clever people giving you advice!!!!...I do hope Andre's eye is getting better.....lucky guy to have you painting such beautiful paintings for him....any chance of me buying a copy????...I can see this hanging in our dining room....and the rest of the gang here agree!!!we love it!!!