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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A New Idea for A Painting

My New Painting Project - "Beach Colours"

I bought a nice canvas with a silver box frame sometime ago which is 20 x 40 cm long and had an idea to do a painting for my bathroom. I thought about something with boats or a beach scene or another little Nyhavn. Will I had an idea the other night while trying to fall asleep about colourful beach things. So after a few sketches I came up with an idea.

I will give this present to my hubby as a get well gift. To brighten up his day because he is on a biz trip and had to go hospital with a very bad eye infection. Some dish washing soap squirted in his eye before he left and it got worse. Now he is in the hospital in Mauritius getting treated for a cornia infection. Poor guy. He is being treated well and the Dr. said it is starting to heal. Good job he went when he did because it quite serious....

Please note: I will leave some space on the viewers left of the drawing to be like the right side. It is too close to the edge. Also that umbrella is a little messy because I changed colours. It will be purple and yellow.

My Sketch for the painting

The Frame

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