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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

African Queen is off the Easel

Hi everyone, I finished my violet painting today. I had so many troubles to get a good picture of the painting. The best way to photograph your artwork is outside in the day and that works great for me all the time. Well, this time, I noticed that in every picture the flowers were showing up with a blueish tint and the flowers are actually violet - much more of purple hue. I wonder what's up with that???

Here is the the painting pic I took inside on the floor with a big light overhead and it is purple - much more like the real painting.

So here you can see painting pic with the blueish tone? Too crazy! If anyone knows what's up with this, I would appreicate hearing your comments.


kim said...

hi Lisa
I love the wallpaper in the background...it really brings the arrangement forward.....I'm afraid I can't help with your colour changes....I'm having similiar gripes with my acrylic series!!
great zebra stripes!!!
love from Oz

Lisa said...

Hi Kim, Thanks so much...really appreicate you looking at my little blog and your cheery posts :) love from CPH

caroline bf said...

good work Lisa
interesting developments

as for the blues.... it is the most difficult color to translate digitally, so that happens a lot , just keep on shooting those oic or just do some digital altering with yr photoshop programme

Joyce said...

Those violets look truly violet to me!