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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Painting the Violets

I finished my drawing on the canvas today in watercolour soluble pencil crayons and then I went over the petals with think ink. I am very happy with the drawing on the canvas and the space. I also these think ink lines are very helpful when I will begin to block in colour for the flower petals. I also decided to another flower at the bottom. I like the 3 set now.

Blocked in the first coat for the background - Cadium light yellow hue with some tit. white. Back to the easel for another coat.I blocked in basically all the colour now, then I added a little litter violet around the petals for guidance. Need to add another coat, before I start playing with the different values - lights and darks.The yellow looks a little bright because of the light over head. It is getting dark here in Copenhagen.

Well, the more I looked at the pot, I did not like it at all. We can see zebra patterns but it just did not sit right for me, so I whited it all out and then did some practice on a print out of my painting and I like the stripes much better like this. I will have to put another coat of white and then do the stripes. It is great to take pictures of our work and do these WIPs because you can really see what's going on.


kim said...

hi there Lisa
the second pattern looks more organic to me.
It's looking great!!
I can see this in a room with black and white furniture with purple or yellow accents.
Have a great day!

Lisa said...

Hi Kim, Thanks for stopping by. I agree it is more organic :). Yeah a funky painting for a funky room. Have a great day mate, hugs from Copenhagen

maggie said...

Hi Lisa your artist friend Kim has a good eye for colour I must say, the idea of the painting with black and white furniture got my attention ..... have always loved the little violets, tough keeping them alive though lol love mom

Lisa said...

Hi Mom...thanks so much too. Appreciate you checking in my studio blog and commenting...Have a great day ...talk to you later